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Blog Image: How Often Can I Refinance?

How Often Can I Refinance?

You refinanced your home mortgage a few months ago, but interest rates have dropped dramatically since that time. Or perhaps you have had a financial emergency pop up and it would be really helpful to tap some of your home equity with a cash-out refi. Is it possible to refinance again? And should you? Specific Loan Requirements While borrowers can refinance as many times as they want, there may be specific waiting periods based on your particular loan. For example, a “seasoning” period of six months is the standard wait for most conventional lenders. If you refinance with ano...

October 14th, 2020 | Refinancing a Home, How Often Can I Refinance?

Blog Image: How Often Do Credit Scores Update?

How Often Do Credit Scores Update?

Courtesy of Mindy Leisure, Advantage Credit The question is often asked, “should I pull my borrower’s credit report after the first of the month to see the most updated credit scores?”  The assumption being that credit reports update during the first part of the month…actually this is far from accurate. Credit reports are constantly changing. Every time a creditor reports to the bureaus the report, and thus the scores, can change. There is no set time of the month that a creditor has to report. While some do report at the beginning of each month, not all rep...

October 5th, 2020 How Often Do Credit Scores Update?